Arts, design & creativity!

I'm Tricia Furtado

Tricia Furtado / 25 years / Sweden.



Arts: Acrylic paintings, soft pastel paintings, oil pastel paintings, cartoons, promarkers, sketch, illustrations with ink, cartoon portraits, impressionism, surrealism, digital illustration, sculptures, plaster figures, crafts.

Photography & photographic art: Black and white photo, portraits, nature/landscape, travelling/street photo/architecture, product photography, photo editing, design, layout, fantasy/horror photography.

Writing: Memoirs, poetry, short stories, fairytales, fantasy, longer stories, philosophy.

Music: Classical, experimental, instrumental, fantasia, nocturne, keyboard, electric organ, strings/cello/viola, melodica, flute/recorder, ukulele.

More information about me on my Swedish blog site!