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I communicate through arts in different forms, since I have some trouble to communicate verbally – due to Autism. I wouldn’t be this creative if it wasn’t for my Autism. Although it is hard to live with this disorder. But I can say it; my arts are because of autism…

I’m completely self-taught on most of my arts fields, and I see things in patterns. Arts is made of patterns. And I memorize patterns in a certain way because of the autism. That’s how I can teach myself. I personally think my arts is connected to autism, that’s why I have dedicated one page to this on my website.



What is music to you? What does it give you? Music is therapy. Originally I started to create music as a form of therapy since I have Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. The music made me calm and I felt good and my sensory issues went better, so music is mainly therapy for me.

Also, performing live isn’t that important. One of my special interests (many autists have ”special interests” they focus alots on!) is audio recording and playing with music recording equipments, that’s more interesting than a live audience. I call my recordings ”audio artworks” haha 😛 it’s like paintings, they are worked on. Live music disappear after the band or artist is done 😉


Same as music. But I do communicate more through arts than music. Arts is communication, music makes my senses calm. When I paint or draw I do always have something to say through the artwork that I can’t say in words. Sure, I physically am able to talk, but finding the correct words is very hard. My paintings and drawings are tools for me to extend my communication.

And feelings. I can show feelings, but not describe them verbally. So again, arts is the answer 😉


…is this website. I share it with you 🙂


Swedish articles about Autism taken from my blog:

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My blog is in Swedish but I do also write about it a little bit about Autism on my Instagram. My Instagram page is mostly in English 🙂


Some writings from my Instagram:

”As an autistic person I will always try to understand you, but sometimes I really can’t. Not because I’m stupid, it’s just because I think differently. I won’t touch you, nor respond to your hug. That’s because my skin is different, it can hurt when people touch it, not because I don’t like you. Different is not less. It’s just different. And sometimes you don’t have to understand me – or force me to understand something I won’ t by repeating yourself – to appreciate our relationship. It’s okay to don’t understand. And it’s okay to don’t hug.” – Tricia #autism #autismawareness #autismlife #autistic #sensoryoverload #sensoryprocessingdisorder #autismspeaks #autismspectrum #selfie #blackandwhite #quotes #disorder #autismbrain #brain #thinking #thoughts #autisticartist #autisticmusician #queer #genderqueer #goth #gothic #artist #musician

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